Does God Want?

Transformation Station

What’s more than looking for a definition of God, or less fun?  Capturing God in words is like capturing the ocean in your hand.  And sometimes I love doing that.  Right now I’m in the mood to get wet.

Does God want us to feel joy?  Or pain?

Does God want us to succeed or fail?

Does God want us to be good people?

What does God want?

DOES God want?

Perhaps we project onto God the very quality of want. Men and women want; therefore God must want. For many people, God is a parent who doles out reward and punishment.  These people then project more intricate and subtle human qualities to make a persona for God — something familiar that allows them to step into a learned parent-child relationship. They create a loving God or a vengeful God. God is That is Man making god in His own image. It is…

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